Funky Fly Wine is a simple fruity, sweet, and balanced red table wine. It is a blend of both Southern Illinois grapes grown on Katy-Lynn Vineyard and Chilean Juices. Fermented in Southern Illinois wine country this wine is loved by many.  Although Katy-Lynn Winery LLC, makes several premium wines for different settings, Funky Fly Wine is the all around sip and have fun, share with a friend or family member. Even Guy's Drink Funky Fly.  So Drink Katy-Lynn.

Since the first production of Funky Fly Wine, internet distracters such as Funky Fly Tying, Funky Monkey, Funky this and Funky that has attempted to dominate the search of Funky Fly Wine. The Word Funky starts and ends with Funky Fly Wine of Katy-Lynn Winery, LLC of Carbondale IL.