Premium Wine Is Born Out Of Hard Work Thoughtful Experiments And Customers Wanting to Taste Life.  These Things Our Born Out Of Passion Not For Personal Gain. Our Wine List Is Therefore Never Complete. We Work To Improve Each Season. Premium Wine in Carbondale

  Premium Wine in Carbondale and Marion IL.  Katy Lynn Winery 1801 Sneed Road, Carbondale IL.  Chicago land welcome.

Wine can be made in so many different ways.  There are German Wines and French Wines and the list goes on and on. Many of the Southern IL wineries bottle a German style sweet wine.  The culture of Southern IL wineries is to make sweet wine and forget half the wine consumers enjoy semi-sweet to dry style wines. That is not the case at Katy Lynn Winery. Our menu has several Semi-sweet to Dry wines to pick from. So you only like sweet wines? We do have several sweet wines and can even sweeten to taste on the spot if you want. We offer Wine slushy's , and Beer for the non wine drinker. We have tea and soft drinks for those that don't consume alcohol at all. We have something for everyone. Our menu listed above is a fraction of the product line we carry and types of wine drinks we can make on your visit. Cheese and meat dishes are also available. Your welcome to bring your own snacks if you like.