Home Wine Bar Serves Premium Wine

"There is absolutely no substitute for good wine, cheese, and of course Chocolate.

Debra Finch  owner.

Born out of our love of fine wines, delicious cheese, and chocolate Katy-Lynn Winery LLC has become the premiere home wine bar location for wine tastings in Southern Illinois. After traveling the world and sampling different French cuisines, we decided to make our way back home and bring the world to beautiful southern Illinois. Our winery has a tasting room, wine store with premium wine. 


Come and taste the experience for yourself. Taste our premium wine at our wine bar. Buy from our wine store.

Our tasting room allows 50 persons to share there moment with family, friends and guests. Looking for things to do in IL is simple. Carbondale IL  is home to many vineyards and Southern IL wineries.  Katy Lynn Winery is different due to our size and thoughts regarding family and friends. If you need a large winery Southern IL has several. If your looking for a smaller relaxing atmosphere Katy Lynn Winery is the place to come.  We encourage guests to consider staying at the Shawnee National Forest Cabins. Our premium wines are completely different then many of the other wineries. We host several semi-sweet to dry wines.  We will be bottling other sweet wines to for those customers that are more into the sweet. We offer several French style wines that pair well with many foods.